Should Lafayette Parish President Joey Durel be recalled because of the LARC Audit?

After what has happened with the LARC Audit and other issues in Lafayette Parish, my question is should Lafayette Parish President Joey Durel be recalled?

I feel that Mr. Durel should be given the benefit of the doubt here because I have noticed several of the blogs online whether it is Gannett news or whatever has taken cheap shots against President Durel. I also feel that a recall should be used only if the Durel Administration committed aggreious actions in hiring administration officials. However; Mr. Webber was not hired by the Durel administration and what would concern me the most is his critics would use the recall as a vitriolic chip to get even with someone. Look, I know that President Durel is not perfect but his administration has been more accomodating to Disability Resource Groups than the initial administration of Walter Comeaux under the parish structure, give President Durel a chance.


About watchdogofladisability

Hi, My name is Jason W. Weill and I am a 2007 graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as an individual diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I created Watchdog of La Disability because I am a non-partisan watchdog who not only holds our leaders accountable in Baton Rouge but also turns heads. Watchdog of La Disability will also focus on important Disability related issues using the most powerful media sources in TV,Print, and Radio: KTBS-TV Shreveport, WWL AM/FM/TV New Orleans along with the Times Picayune Newspaper and WAFB-TV along with the Advocate in Baton Rouge. I hope you find my Watchdog side to be of use because being a watchdog means being fair to both sides and holding anyone accountable who decides to take avantage of the disabled.
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