My thoughts about Lafayette Association of Retarded Citizens being cited by DHH

In Sunday Morning’s Advertiser Paper, I noted a story concerning LARC being cited by Department of Health and Hospitals for several violations including poor supervision in 2011.

During the 2010 Mental Health Rally in Baton Rouge, I was a witness to LARC’s neglect of Derrick who was a LARC Consumer and rode the bus with us to Baton Rouge. I noticed that he was acting abnormally the whole time and it was during lunch that he sexually assulted a female participant. What was disgusting was Derrick had no supervision from LARC workers whatsoever and could not be arrested by capitol police because of his mental capcity.

I am not out to make Executive Director Gerald Webber the Big Bad Wolf but I feel that he or his supervisors should be held accountable for this action. In the meantime, I am registering my protest by refusing to patronize Acadian Village or the Christmas lights until changes are made. Look, I know that Mr. Webber has a good heart but if it is true that these documented incidents occurred under his watch, then the shoe must come down on him hard.

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals said the Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens:
* Did not comply with Home and Community Based Provider licensure requirements.
* Did not follow policies and procedures designed to promote the social, physical and mental well-being of clients.
* Did not conduct assessments of clients’ needs.
* Did not properly investigate grievances.
* Did not meet staffing requirements by failing to ensure staff was trained with basic skills.
* Did not ensure Supervised Independent Living client’s home was kept clean and comfortable.
* Did not make three contacts per week with Supervised Independent Living clients.

LARC’s written response to the DHH investigation — its plan of corrective action — had to be re-submitted early this year because it failed to comply with four of the five criteria DHH requires in such plans.
The re-submitted plan of correction dated Feb. 10, 2012, indicated that by Feb. 12, LARC:
* Trained direct support workers were trained regarding reporting medical issues, medicine issues, logging behavioral and medical issues.
* Implemented quarterly reminder systems and offered training throughout the year on critical incidents.
* Requires that incidents be reported within two hours.
* Contracted with a registered nurse to provide training, medical advice and consultation.
* Implemented a new policy and procedures for grievances.
* Created a chart to track grievances and follow-ups.
* Ensured that client homes are kept clean, comfortable and homelike.
* Trained staff in assisting clients in keeping their homes sanitary.
* Required supervisor staff to make three documented phone conversations per week with each client, including one face-to-face visit at the home


About watchdogofladisability

Hi, My name is Jason W. Weill and I am a 2007 graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as an individual diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I created Watchdog of La Disability because I am a non-partisan watchdog who not only holds our leaders accountable in Baton Rouge but also turns heads. Watchdog of La Disability will also focus on important Disability related issues using the most powerful media sources in TV,Print, and Radio: KTBS-TV Shreveport, WWL AM/FM/TV New Orleans along with the Times Picayune Newspaper and WAFB-TV along with the Advocate in Baton Rouge. I hope you find my Watchdog side to be of use because being a watchdog means being fair to both sides and holding anyone accountable who decides to take avantage of the disabled.
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One Response to My thoughts about Lafayette Association of Retarded Citizens being cited by DHH

  1. Jason, your thoughts about the responsibility LARC needs to take is right on cue. They need to be held accountable for their less than honorable actions. This sounds like a problem that not only stems from the bottom of the tree, but from top, being Mr. Webber. With the amount of violations they are being sited for along with the 2010 incident you spoke of, how could Mr. Webber not know there were issues. I think this is a case of selective acknowledgement on Mr. Webber’s part. Many times when you see all these types of things going wrong you will also see monies being misappropriated as well. I guess time will tell.
    Coach Lisa B.

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