LA 1 Grand Isle new Toll booth installment for Toups Memorial Bridge – from DOTD

DOTD opens new cash and charge lane at LA 1 Toll in Lafourche Parish

Contact: Public Information Office, (225) 379-1232, FAX: (225) 379-1863
Monday, June 18, 2012

DOTD opens new cash and charge lane at LA 1 Toll in Lafourche Parish

Leeville, La. – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announces the opening of the new in-lane service option, or cash and charge lane, for motorists at the La. 1 toll road in Leeville, Lafourche Parish. Starting June 20, in-lane toll payment machines will greet drivers wishing to cross the La. 1 Bridge to go south to Port Fourchon and Grand Isle.

The in-lane payment machines will enhance driver convenience by offering multiple payment solutions for non-GeauxPass or non-toll tag customers. The new machines will have the capability to accept all forms of payment – coins, cash (exact change is not necessary), credit cards, and debit cards – giving customers the ability to pay the toll in a way that is most suitable to them. Preexisting GeauxPass account holders may continue paying tolls using their online accounts or stopping by the Golden Meadow Customer Service Center; however, single trip purchases will no longer be an option.

“This feature is going to greatly enhance motorists’ convenience on the LA 1 Bridge,” said Rhett Desselle, assistant secretary of DOTD operations. “We really wanted to offer an in-lane one-stop-shop that is better, safer and faster, and I think we accomplished our goal.”

The machines will eliminate the need for motorists to exit their vehicles to pay their toll. They will be accessed from the right lane of La. 1 and will offer two heights via stacked or dual payment input fronts to accommodate various vehicles, from a subcompact car to a semi-truck. Additionally, a canopy will be installed to protect motorists from adverse weather conditions. DOTD expects to add a second machine in about six months, as back up, should one machine experience technical difficulties.

The in-lane payment machine will not affect how GeauxPass customers cross the La. 1 Bridge.  GeauxPass customers may continue to utilize both the left and right lanes; however, the left lane will remain a dedicated GeauxPass lane, allowing tag users to drive through the facility uninterrupted.  GeauxPass account holders may also continue to manage their accounts online or stopping by the Golden Meadow Customer Service Center.  Customers who wish to purchase a GeauxPass may do so online at or in person at either the Golden Meadow Customer Service Center or the Crescent City Connection Division.

The current pre-pay and post-pay kiosks, located in local businesses and inside the Golden Meadow Customer Service Center, will be disabled and eventually removed once the new in-lane payment machines are activated. Any kiosk transaction made prior to the cash lane opening will be valid for 90 days, or until Sept. 20, 2012.

In-lane payment machine transactions will require the following four steps:


  • Drivers will select the class of vehicle they are driving according to the toll schedule. The appropriate toll will be displayed on the video screen.
  • Drivers will choose method of payment: coins, bills, or credit/ debit card.
  • Drivers will then pay. If driver pays with coins or bill(s), any change will be dispensed to the color-coded coin slot(s).
  • A receipt will be printed upon request.


Non-GeauxPass customers must provide accurate vehicle class information when selecting the class of vehicle they are driving and pay the applicable amount. A lighted signal will alert motorists (green, yellow and red) if valid payment was received or for GeauxPass users if balance can cover toll amount, and if the payment or account funds are insufficient.


There will no longer be a “post-pay” or grace period payment option. Failure to pay the proper toll before use will result in a violation.


Paying the toll isn’t optional. The state of Louisiana actively pursues violators both within and outside the state.  Misclassification of any vehicle or underpaying any toll will result in a violation of the system, and the violator will be subject to the appropriate toll fee as well as any additional applicable service fee(s). Drivers wishing to dispute a toll violation notice may do so via the GeauxPass customer service email address or contact customer service via phone at 1-866-662-8987.


All southbound loads wider 13 feet will be permitted through DOTD’s truck permits section to pass around the median barrier, on the northbound side with a state police escort.


The in-lane payment machine may also be called an Automatic Toll Payment Machine (ATPM).




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