New La Rehab Council Executive Committee Leadership Team and my thoughts on these past two years of service

Because of term limits, my two years of service on the Executive Committee of the Louisiana Rehab Council will end at the July 26-27th meeting in Baton Rouge. I am sending all of them thank-you letters for supporting me these past two years but that does not mean my job is finished because thanks to my membership on the LSU Health Advisory Board and Work-Pay$ Acadiana/Statewide collations, I will be able to pool all of these resources into one umbrella thus being able to better serve my consituents statewide along with my committee assignments on the Outreach as well as LRS policy committee. My 2nd and final term would end three years following reappointment which should come during the 13 session.

By the way, let me share with you who will comprise our new board assuming there is no challenges on meeting day from the following release:

TO:                 Louisiana Rehabilitation Council
FROM:           Pamela Allen, Nominations Committee Chairperson
DATE:            June 28, 2012
RE:                 Nomination recommendations
As the Chair of the Nominations Committee, I am submitting the recommended slate of Officers to serve on the Executive Committee.  The members included below have agreed to have their names placed in nomination for the office listed.  Remember, as prescribed in the bylaws, nominations will also be accepted from the floor during the meeting.  The vote will occur in the Council’s meeting July 26 and 27 in Baton Rouge.
Chair: Derek White
Vice-Chair: Ronald Key
Secretary: Jennifer Bollinger
VR Policies Committee Chair: Marla Dorsey
Outreach Committee Chair: Laura Nata
Public Policy Committee Chair: Warren Hebert
Member-At-Large: Pam Allen


About watchdogofladisability

Hi, My name is Jason W. Weill and I am a 2007 graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as an individual diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I created Watchdog of La Disability because I am a non-partisan watchdog who not only holds our leaders accountable in Baton Rouge but also turns heads. Watchdog of La Disability will also focus on important Disability related issues using the most powerful media sources in TV,Print, and Radio: KTBS-TV Shreveport, WWL AM/FM/TV New Orleans along with the Times Picayune Newspaper and WAFB-TV along with the Advocate in Baton Rouge. I hope you find my Watchdog side to be of use because being a watchdog means being fair to both sides and holding anyone accountable who decides to take avantage of the disabled.
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